Following the release of his debut record “A Louder Silence” last October on Late Night Lates, Leifur James returns with his new single ‘Wurlitzer’ ahead of a run of dates including a headline show at The Southbank Centre in late March.

Leifur’s debut fused ambient electronica, jazz, classical and soul music, a recording process which was over a 2 year period. ‘Wurlitzer’ is the first piece of music he reveals from a new creative period after those sessions.

’Wurlitzer’ was kind of a break away from the ambience of the album.” says Leifur. “I was wanting to corrupt the mood of the album with something a bit intense and destructive. I guess there was an unusual balance there for creating something new but in a bit of a destructive mind-set.” 

“I’d been staying at my dad’s in the winter months, he lives in the middle of a rural pre historic stone circle, its quite an intense place in winter. I was playing on the old upright wurlitzer piano there and the wind was shaking the house, I could hear it aggressively whistling in the chimney. The contrast of the wind with the piano was interesting and gave me the idea.” 

The video was created by animator/director Balázs Simon. “We spoke about the video and this balance of creation and destruction in the music. The theme for the video being the duality of creation; creation and destruction and the cross over point between those.” The result is ravishing 4 minutes of piano-fused electronica haunted by ecological currents.

Leifur James - Wurlitzer

Released : 29/03/2019